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Serene™ Foam Mattress Topper

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Serene Foam Mattress Topper - Check out the YouTube video below for even more information!

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Serene™ Foam

· Serene Foam Instantly makes any mattress more restful, comfortable, cooler and supportive in sagging areas of mattress

· 2 inches of soft, yet supportive, Serene Foam conforms to your body

· Made in the USA using environmentally friendly processes. PURGreen Certified.

· Serene Foam reduces pressure points that cause you to toss and turn, so you sleep better.

· Topper features a Supportive Air Technology formula and a medium soft feel

The Serene™ family of foams usher in a new era of conventional foam. Serene™ foam is equipped with Supportive Air™ technology. It contains billions of microscopic air capsules acting to enhance the foam’s support properties while reducing pressure on critical areas of the body in bedding applications. Designed to combine the best attributes of Visco elastic and conventional foams, collectively making for a superior product.

Starting today memory foam is obsolete. Introducing serene foam, todays technology that will cost effectively revolutionize the next generation in comfort. The comfort engineers at carpenter foam devised a way to pack the attributes of high density foam into a cost effective product. One that actually offers additional benefits to further enhance comfort. What makes this possible is Serene's new Supportive Air Technology. This technology utilizes billions of microscopic air capsules to provide outstanding support while dramatically reducing pressure. Each of these tiny cells acts as an individual shock absorber cushion, releasing air independently as pressure increases. This independent response helps ensure individualized comfort and support. Studies show that Serene foam greatly reduces pressure to the hip and back area when compared to traditional bedding materials and even high end memory foam, with up to 4 times more peak pressure reduction. This reduction in pressure creates more comfort. The exceptionally fine cell structure give Serene foam a superior feel and performance. Serene also decreases motion transfer. Conventional foam optimizes support lifting consistently to give your body support at all times creating lots of energy. Memory foam provides zero gravity support absorbing any energy that is transferred to it. Serene provides the best of both worlds. Memory foam used to be good, and now Serene has created a foam that's even better. The next generation in foam innovation. Dynamic fatigue results have proven that serene foam is exceptionally durable. Serene outperforms memory foam with the same density and holds up just as well as premium high density memory foam. Serene foam provides that comfortable restorative sleep night after night. All the attributes your looking for and more can now be found right here.

- Serene Foam mattress toppers are 2” thick.

- If your mattress needs some extra padding to give you a better nights rest, consider purchasing this custom made Serene Foam mattress topper!

- Feel great about purchasing Made in the USA products!

- Allyson Brooke Home Serene Foam Mattress Toppers are excellent quality and made specifically to fit any size mattresses and specialty mattresses. We teamed up with an American foam manufacturer to bring you a quality mattress topper at a reasonable price.

- Replacing your mattress is often expensive, so we are pleased to offer Serene Mattress toppers to give you added comfort at a fraction of the price of replacing a mattress!

- For waterproof or dust mite protection for your mattress, we recommend our Keep-A-Bed Mattress Covers!

- Have a question or don't see the size you were looking for? As always, we're happy to assist! And, we can give you a reasonable quote on a custom size if you have a special size request!

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    2" Olympic queen foam topper

    Posted by Jack on Oct 20th 2020

    Very comfortable.

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    Memory Foam Mattress topper

    Posted by Pradeep Singh on Aug 5th 2020

    Very comfortable